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Experience the essence of nature through our pure raw organic Sidr Doani honey collection.

yemeni sidr honey

Royal Pure Yemeni Sidr Do’Ani Honey

From AED 475

Yemeni Sidr Honey

Royal Yemeni Sidr Do’Ani Honey With Pistachio

From AED 450

honey with gold

Royal Yemeni Sidr Do’Ani Honey With 23K Gold

From AED 1,800

Honey Combs

Royal Yemeni Sidr Do’Ani Honey Comb

From AED 1,400

Introducing Limited Reserve

Our premium honey is of the highest quality so it demands nothing less than the best.

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Discover a selection of our premium Bee Natural Doani honey and Bee products.

The Golden Touch in Your Dishes: Cooking with Honey

Organic Honey in Cooking: Unaltered, Chemical-Free Flavor Enhancement. In order to ensure a clean, natural taste, this type of honey is sourced from pesticide-free environments. The mellow sweetness and complexity…

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